How a Laser Printer Works

A Laser Printer is an amazing feat of engineering. They use a Laser Beam to attract toner powder onto a drum which reproduces the image ready to transfer it onto the paper. Then through a series of events the image or toner gets transferred onto a piece of paper. The toner powder then gets baked onto the paper at very high temperatures resulting in a crisp image. Laser Printers are able to print extremely fast and are often used in offices where large amounts of printing is required.

The process a laser printer uses to print

It all starts with either an image or some text being sent from a computer or being scanned by the Laser Printer itself. This image gets transferred to the printers processor which converts the data into an image file suitable for the printer to use.

The processed image is then sent to the printers memory where it is stored ready for printing. While this is happening the drum unit is being charged ready to attract the toner powder in exact duplication as the image waiting to be printed.

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