Corona Virus Update

March 13, 2020 Dean 0

The latest news from China is that the Corona virus continues to affect production of Printer Cartridges and all other products and is now having […]

Generic Printer Cartridges

March 12, 2020 Dean 0

Reduce printing costs by up to 150% using Generic Ink Cartridges Many stores have been retailing Generic or Compatible Printer Consumables since early 2000’s. During this […]

Printer Ink Adelaide

March 3, 2020 Dean 0

It’s now come to the end of another summer in Adelaide and as the economy slows due to the Corona Virus and other economical factors […]

Ink Hub Approaches ACCC

May 29, 2019 Dean 0

In mid April 2019 HP released another of it’s firmware updates designed to combat the use of generic printer cartridges. The update affected a large […]

How a Laser Printer Works

November 11, 2013 Dean 0

A Laser Printer is an amazing feat of engineering. They use a Laser Beam to attract toner powder onto a drum which reproduces the image ready to transfer it […]

Canon Printhead Cleaning

November 11, 2013 Dean 0

Cleaning the print head on a Canon printer is a very straight forward task. Up until recently most Canon printers had removable print heads so […]