Brother Printer cannot detect cartridge

Brother cannot detect ink cartridge

Is your Brother printer giving you the “Brother Ink Cartridge cannot be detected” message ?

This is a common problem with the latest Brother Inkjet Printers and it can be due to several reasons:

1. The microchip on the cartridge is either outdated or damaged.

2. The printer has detected  the difference between the genuine and the OEM cartridges

3. The cartridge was installed with the printer turned OFF.

4. The printer has a combination of both genuine and generic ink cartridges installed in it.

Any of the above scenarios can cause your Brother printer to not detect the ink cartridge when installed.

Brother Ink Cartridge not detected fix

If the small micro chip on the cartridge is either outdated or faulty then nothing at all will remedy the situation. If however the microchip is fine then the following procedure usually always works.

1. Install all ink cartridges into the printer.

2. Turn the printer OFF and unplug it from the wall for at least 20 mins.

3. Turn the printer back on and the printer should have reset itself.

If you have a late model Brother inkjet printer then two things to remember.

1. Only buy generic cartridges from a supplier who has the very latest updated microchip cartridges. ( the current version is V3.0 which is the 4th generation).

2. Dont update the software on your Brother printer if prompted and if possible turn OFF automatic software updates !