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Printers and Ink Cartridges Tips and Advice

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Welcome to the Adelaide printer ink blog where you will find help and advice for your printer or print consumable problems. Are you looking for the Best printer for home use? Are you looking for the best printer for your office or small business? Maybe you need help with cleaning a printhead or your printer cannot recognise a cartridge. If you have a question feel free to contact us and we will find the answer. Are you fed up with the high cost of printer cartridges? Have a read about the money saving option of using Generic Ink Cartridges. They are a fraction of the price of the brand name OEM cartridges and often contain more ink.

Best Printers for Home or Small Business

One of the most common questions we get asked is which printer is the best for home use. The answer can vary a little depending on what exactly your main objective is. Most people are simply looking for a multifunction printer which is cheap to buy and also cheap to run. Another important criteria is also the reliability of the printer. If you would like a more in depth look at the printers we recommend then have a read of this – which printer is the best for home use.

Genuine or Generic Cartridges?

Are you confused about generic printer cartridges? Don’t be as now days the quality of them is amazing. Don’t let the printer manufacturers keep telling you that they will damage your printer cause that’s simply NOT true. Yes in the past we’ve all been stung by low grade, low quality cartridges which leaked in the printer or dried up or simply wouldn’t work at all. Modern generic cartridges are now as good as the genuine brand name cartridges but a lot cheaper to buy. For a more in depth look have a read of this article on genuine and compatible cartridges.

Save on Printing Costs

Printing can add quite a large cost to the average small business or family. Most people are unaware of the options available which can help save you a bundle on your printing expenses. I’m still amazed at the large number of people out there who are still unwilling to give generic cartridges a go.

Using generic cartridges isn’t the only way in which you can cut your printing costs but it is certainly a great area to help you to start saving money. The type of printer you have, the print mode it is set to and even the font can impact on the amount of ink or toner consumed. To get all of the tips on economical printing have a read of this article all about saving on printing costs.

For all the latest news on Printers and consumables checkout the Adelaide Printer Ink Blog regularly. If you have any questions then contact us and we will be happy to reply.

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