Ink Hub Approaches ACCC

In mid April 2019 HP released another of it’s firmware updates designed to combat the use of generic printer cartridges. The update affected a large range of printers including:¬†Officejet Pro 6950, Officejet Pro 6956, Officejet Pro 6960, Officejet Pro 6970, Officejet Pro 7720, Officejet Pro 7730, Officejet Pro 7740, Officejet Pro 8210, Officejet Pro 8216, Officejet Pro 8710, Officejet Pro 8720, Officejet Pro 8730, Officejet Pro 8740 and Officejet Pro 8745.

HP thought they would be a little more clever this time in the fact that the update did not affect generic cartridges already installed in the printer. This all changed however as soon as the next new cartridge was installed then it would not recognize the generic cartridge at all.

For some reason HP seems to think that because it didn’t affect cartridges in use at the time then the update was ethically alright. Personally I don’t see any difference whatsoever between the latest update and the one in 2016 when the ACCC fined HP and also forced to compensate the end users.

As a business, we ( Ink Hub ) we’re responsible for replacing hundreds of cartridges which were affected by this update. As soon as the updated HP generic inks were available then we began sending them out to customers that were affected and could not use their generic inks. So will HP continue to use these tactics? Will the ACCC do it’s job and once again fine HP? I hope so, we have had in depth talks with the ACCC and so far they have been very sympathetic to our cause.

If you as a consumer or a retailer have also been affected by this update then PLEASE give the ACCC a call and lodge your complaint. The more people that contact them then the more likely they are to continue pursuing the case. Alternatively you can contact Ink Hub’s Adelaide office on (08) 7324 3065


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