Printer Ink Adelaide

It’s now come to the end of another summer in Adelaide and as the economy slows due to the Corona Virus and other economical factors the printer cartridge war continues. As many online and physical print consumable companies come and go many of the older more established online stores continue to dominate the market.

Another factor that has come into play of recent is the slow down in production in China due to the Corona Virus. This has meant that supplies of printer cartridges into Australia and worldwide have begun to slow down as staff numbers decline in many of the Chinese factories. What impact will these issues have on the future of printer cartridge sales in Australia throughout the coming year?

I think that these factors will have a fairly big impact also the weakening Aussie dollar and increased Aust Post charges are all cutting away at profit margins. Many of the physical print consumable stores in Adelaide have closed down and I know of at least 2 more that are currently for sale.

The future of Cartridge World

There has been so much speculation about Cartridge World over the past years as to whether they will survive or be gobbled up and spat out by all of the ferocious, online competition. I know of several local Cartridge World’s in the area that have already shut down and another that has been for sale for several years.

At one stage Cartridge World had a Monopoly on the printer cartridge market but those days are long gone. It’s so easy now to obtain wholesale products online and to start a website or your own physical store and still out compete Cartridge World on pricing. Personally I think that the day’s of Cartridge World dominating the print consumables industry are rapidly decaying, at least it looks that way in Adelaide.

The decline of the Genuine Cartridge

As the economy worsens and business and individuals start to tighten their belts then the shift to “cheaper” generic cartridges is a natural progression. Due to the very high quality of the modern Generic cartridges many folks are making the change and realizing that not only can they save a fortune but also that the quality is still comparative with the more expensive brand name cartridges.

In our Adelaide office we have seen this trend increase rapidly and it seems that more and more people are preferring to  make the change to the non brand name cartridges. With failure rates no different than the more expensive genuine cartridges it seems crazy to not make the change.

What is the delivery time to Adelaide?

Delivery time to Adelaide is usually within 24 hours of placing an order.

What suburbs do you deliver to?

All areas of Adelaide and all throughout Australia

What method of postage do you use?

All orders go via Aust Post Express.